Class 3- Details Below! 

We are excited to offer Class 3 at our shop.

Please call 540-868-8517 and we will schedule you a private slot to complete you form 1 or form 4. 

Time slots are Mon,Wed,Thur,Fri 10:00am to 11:30am. 
Saturdays 4pm to 5pm. We will be opening more slots soon. 

Class 3 Stuff...

Form 1 (Includes Biometrics) 
***Must have E-Forms Account***

$40 Per Firearm

We are here for your Form 1 's and can schedule you to get this process done.  Your fingerprints and picture stay on file with us so if you need to fill out another form 1 or 4 it will speed up the process! 

Form 4 Transfer- Outside Dealer to Customer
(Includes Biometrics) Fingerpints/Picture
***Must have E-Forms Account***


If you purchase your suppressor online and want it transferred in we are here to help! Contact us and we will guide you in making this process as easy as possible.