We do firearm transfers! Here's some details you might NEED to know. 

Transferring In  (Online to our location) 

COST: $35 (first gun) $15 for every gun after if on the same background check. BG Fee is $2. If you are picking up another handgun on another background at a later time you will be charged separate for each.

Example: 1      $37 total for one firearm 
Example: 2    $52 total for two firearms on the same background check. 

Transferring Out (Our location to another FFL) 

If you are transferring a firearm out from our location. (MTF to another State/Location) we charge $45 plus material and shipping charges. Bring in a box and material and we will wave that material fee. We may have some used shipping material on hand.

Things to expect.....

1) You MUST be the person listed on your invoice. We will not transfer the firearm if you are not listed on the invoice as the buyer. 

2) Wait for a phone call from us before you show up.
We have to log in firearms and this takes time. Calling or arriving will not speed things up for you. We take our time logging firearms correctly into our bound books. 

3) Make sure your contact information is up-to-date with the company you are ordering from. This may delay us from contacting you. Call us if you know your firearm is here and you haven't received a phone call in 24 hours. Check your tracking. Do not call when you see it arrived. 

4) If coming from a private seller, please include a copy of that person's ID. You can email it to us. 

5) Lower receivers- Must be 21 years or older and must be a resident of VA. No exceptions. 

We have these rules set to keep things organized and running smoothly. Some of these rules listed are law and we must abide by them. If you need help with anything please email or call us. We are here to help!