Dan Mumaw

Dan calls Stephenson, VA his home. He is a graduate of Jefferson Co High. Dan is a graduate of James Rumsey Technical Institute. Dan is also a 2008 graduate of the American Gunsmithing Institute. He has been a machinist for 40+ years. Dan's hobbies are spending time with his grandkids, hot rods, drag racing, and of course...FIREARMS. Dan really loves fixing things. If you've ever had any work done by Dan, you would see his passion through his work. 

Gunsmithing Hours: Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri 11-5 pm (Lunch break 1 pm-2 pm) Saturday 9 am-12 am.

Contact Email: [email protected]


Hourly Labor

Labor rate for work performed that is not listed here or otherwise designated. Does not include any parts. 

Quick Fix

Labor Rate for work performed that takes less than 15 minutes and is done while the customer waits. Does not include anything entered to the acquisition books. 

Bore Sight

Bore Sighting of Standard Pistols, Rifles, and Shotguns.

Bore Sight -AR

When flash hider & muzzle break removal and reinstallation is required. 

Mount & Bore Sight

Mounting scope / mounts and bore sighting. Does not include any machining, scope, mounts, or other parts that may be needed. 

Handgun Cleaning

Detailed cleaning. Inspection on all parts. Does not include test fire. Customer must provide ammo for test fire. 

Rifle/Shotgun Cleaning

Detailed cleaning. Inspection on all parts. Does not include test fire. Customer must provide ammo for test fire

Pistol Sight Install

Installation of most pistol sights. Does not include any machining, sights, or other parts that may be needed. Some pistols may cost more due to time involved. 


$75 Lower
or $100 for Upper& Lower
Assembly of AR. Does not include any parts. 

Machining Setup Fee

Setting up the lathe or other machines for any machining work needed. This fits the firearm / barrel to the proper placement for the required machining. 

Drill & Tap (Per Hole)

Drilling & Tapping holes. Does not include setup fee. (Machining Setup Fee) 

Remove Stripped Screws

Removal of stripped, damaged or unserviceable screws Minimum charge for each screw. Machine Setup Fee Required. ($50)  

Thread Barrel

$150 & Up
Threading most barrels, per customer specifications. Barrel, w/o removal of receiver, must be 20"  in length AND have enough meat to be threaded. Under 20" required removal of receiver . Includes thread protector. Does not include installation of other components. Indexing, etc. 


Proper orientation of components. 

Pin & Weld

Pinning & welding of items to firearms.

Ream Chamber

Reaming of chamber of barrel to correct caliber. Does not include the cost of the reamer rental. 

Replace Barrel

TBD- Remove existing barrel and fit & install new / alt barrel = Hourly Labor Rate. Does not include cost of barrel or any other parts.  

Replace Trigger

TBD-Remove existing trigger and fit & install new trigger = Hourly Labor Rate. Does not include cost of trigger or any other parts. 

Stock Refinishing  & Repair

TBD- See hourly rate = Labor Intensive* Depends on the amount of time involved. 

Choke Installing (Shotgun)

12GA ONLY! Price is per barrel. 

Recoil Lug Bedding 

Bedding around recoil lug that goes from the action into the stock. 

Pillar Bedding

Bedding around the pillars and stock. Some jobs may be more extensive and therefor cost more. 

Other Services...

If you don't see a service listed please ask us. We offer many options that may not be listed.