Defensive Shotgun 

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Cost $125.00 per Student (Non Refundable, Date Transferable)

In this course students will become familiarized with operating their shotgun effectively and engaging targets at varying distances utilizing the proper shell load. By the end of the course, each student will leave more confident in utilizing their smoothbore for personal protection.

6 hours 9am-3pm

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Course Objectives:
Firearm Safety
Shooting Stance
Controlling Recoil
Reloading/Feeding Techniques
Slug Changeover
Clearing Malfunctions
Multiple Target Engagement

What to Bring:

Open Mind and Positive Attitude

Working Semi-Auto or Pump Action Shotgun in 20 or 12 gauge.

Sling Side saddle, dump pouch (recommended), or bandolier. (You will be frequently feeding your scattergun.)

250 rounds of birdshot, 25 rounds of buckshot, and 25 slugs. (We recommend shooting shells 2 3/4” length. Your shoulder will thank you!)

Eye and Ear Protection (electronic provided)

Notepad and Pen


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