Pistol Movement

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Cost $125.00 per Student (Non Refundable, Date Transferable)

This course allows students to safely begin understanding the concepts involved with moving while shooting a pistol and break free of static positions.

5 hours 12pm-5pm

Upcoming Dates
Limited Class

Size Course Objectives:
-Firearm Safety
-Grip/Recoil Management while moving
-Acceptable Sight Picture during movement
-Getting off the “X”
-Decision Processing
-Forward Movement
-Backward Movement
-Lateral Movement
-Spatial Awareness

What to Bring:
-Open Mind and Positive Attitude
-Working Handgun
-Quality Holster (See list of unapproved types) Two (2) -Magazines Minimum Magazine Holder (Optional, pants pockets will work).
-200 rounds of ammunition minimum (welcome to bring more)
-Eye and Ear Protection (electronic provided)
-Notepad and Pen

**Types of gear or equipment NOT ALLOWED due to safety reasons: Holsters such as cross draw, soft collapsible, Blackhawk Serpa, behind the back, and ankle. If you are unsure, please contact instructor with questions. **

Attire: No open toed shoes. No low cut or V neck shirts. Brimmed ball caps are recommended. Please check the weather prior to class and dress accordingly. Live fire is conducted at an outdoor range.

Safety Requirements:
Firearms must be in safe working condition. Students must be able to……..

-Mind the muzzle at ALL times.
-Keep one’s finger off the trigger anytime the muzzle is not pointed at your intended target.
-Basic understanding of how to safely draw and re-holster your handgun.

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