Pistol Skills Development

This course is designed for the beginner to intermediate shooter. 

Are you new to shooting? Or are you an experienced shooter looking to move forward in your skill set?

This course is designed to show you why your gun does what it does while in "your" hands. We will focus on recognizing your deficiencies and how to correct them. How make the most of your time and money during your range trips.  This is a perfect course for learning how to "Run Your Gun". 

6 hours.  10am-4pm  

Cost $180.00 (Non-Refundable, Date Transferable)

Upcoming Dates


Course Objectives:
Firearm & Range Safety  
How to setup your belt rig to maximize your economy of motion. 
How to draw and re-holster safely & efficiently.
How to find your point of aim quickly & repeatedly
Ammo Loading and Unloading
Firearm malfunctions & how to recognize what is needed to get your gun back up & running. 
Magazine changes smooth, efficient & repeatable.
Learn stance-grip-sight picture & alignment manipulation.
Instill confidence in your shooting by applying the 3 modes of shooting.

Sight Picture and What’s Acceptable
Trigger Press and Accuracy
Reloading with Consistency
Target Transitions
Single Hand Shooting

What to Bring:
Open Mind and a Focused Positive Attitude
Working Semi-Auto Pistol (Full Sized Preferred)
Two (2) Magazines & at least 1 Magazine Holder
300 rounds of ammunition minimum (welcome to bring more)
Eye and Ear Protection (electronic provided)
Brimmed hat and closed toe shoes or boots.
Closed neck shirts are recommended. 
Notepad and Pen

Please dress for the weather. We train rain or shine. During times of heavy snow or lightning we will break or possibly reschedule.

**For this class a sturdy outside the waistband holster is required. Types of gear or equipment NOT ALLOWED due to safety reasons: Holsters such as cross draw, soft collapsible, shoulder, Blackhawk Serpa, behind the back, and ankle. If you are unsure, please contact instructor with questions. **

Man holding pistol. Glock gun in left hand.