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Private Lessons – Handgun, Shotgun or Carbine

Cost: $75+* per Student.  (Non-Refundable, Date Transferable)
*Bundle packages available at discounted prices. 1 and 2hr sessions. 

Length: 2-hour sessions (starting at 9am and concluding at 4pm)

When: Monday – Friday

Class Size: 1 to 5 Students

Primary Focus: Sessions are tailored to the individual or small group and what shooting goals they want to accomplish with a handgun and or carbine. Perhaps you recently purchased a firearm. Maybe you are not seeing the results during your current range session. You may even have strong fundamentals and wish to begin advancing towards target transitioning or moving while shooting. We will aid you in setting realistic goals and help you develop a personalized training plan all while being able to fit range time into your schedule.

Experience Level: No experience to all skill levels welcome.

What to Bring: Dependent upon platform


Open mind and positive attitude Holster 2 magazines minimum Magazine holders (optional)
Sturdy belt (Remember it is the foundation)
150 rounds of ammunition
Eye and ear protection (electronic ear protection recommended)

Carbine- (AR or AK Platform)

Open mind and positive attitude Sling (adjustable style recommended)
2 magazines minimum
150 rounds of ammunition
Eye and ear protection (electronic ear protection recommended)

**Types of gear or equipment NOT ALLOWED due to safety reasons: Holsters such as cross draw, soft collapsible, Blackhawk Serpa, behind the back, and ankle. If you are unsure, please contact instructor with questions.

** Attire: No low-cut shirts or open toed shoes. Please make sure to check the weather prior to your session and dress accordingly. Your lesson will be outside.

Safety Requirements: Firearms must be in safe working condition.

Students must be able to……..

Mind the muzzle at ALL times.

Keep one’s finger off the trigger anytime the muzzle is not pointed at your intended target.

Basic understanding of how to safely draw and re-holster your handgun. (If you are new to shooting, all the safety requirements will be discussed in further detail during your session and prior to live fire.) Location: Middletown, VA. 

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