The Kalashnikov Experience

Do you have a general curiosity of a full-blown obsession with the worlds most prolific weapon?

Do you enjoy learning about the inner workings of firearms in general?

Have you always wanted to build your own Kalashnikov rifle?

Do you have a parts kit that has been in the closet for years but you have never gotten the tools to build it?

If you've answered YES to any or all of these READ ON! 

The Kalashnikov Experience

The Kalashnikov experience is an opportunity for you to learn about and assemble your very own Kalashnikov variant with professional assistance, oversight and access to all the tooling required! 

The Kalashnikov Experience will give you one on one access to a professional AK smith throughout the 1 day experience. 

The Kalashnikov Experience is for beginners as well as experienced shooters. 

The Kalashnikov Experience

During this one-day experience, you will build your own AK Parts kit into a working rifle. The build schedule will follow the general guidelines: 

All build days will fall on Sundays, please plan accordingly.

You will be required to purchase and send in your AK parts kit with 100% receiver and barrel ahead of scheduled build day. This will allow our builder to inspect and prelim fit all parts to expedite the build process and ensure there are no surprises on the day of your build! 

Build time will start promptly at 8am, we will try to keep the build to a max of 8 hours or less but we will work until the rifle is complete! Unfortunately we will not have time to apply the final finish during the build day, but we can complete this for you during the next few days after your build experience. 

We will test fire for functionality at the bare minimum but the end of the build day (time permitting) we will meet at the private range and test fire the rifle. 

Upon completion of the build day, you can carry your finished rifle home or leave it with us to be finished, painted, or Cerakoted. We will ship directly to you once completed! 

While we can accommodate a variety of builds, some may not be practical in the time allotted. If you have a special build request please email us prior to scheduling a Build Day. 

Variants accepted for the Kalashnikov Experience: AK47, AKM, AKMS, Milled AK's, Galils, and even Cetme Model C's!

The Kalashnikov Experience

A few words on Safety and productivity, we want this to be a fun learning experience but we must note the following. 

We will be working with dangerous equipment and while we will ensure every possible safety precautions are in place, there is always a chance that you can get injured while building your parts kit. We will ask that you sign a Waiver and wear all required Personal Protective Equipment while in the shop and around machinery. Safety glasses will be provided and required.

We will also ask that you show up ready to work! Bring your favorite beverage (no Alcohol of course) and wear appropriate clothing. Water and coffee will be available at no charge.

As much as I like to talk about and show off all of the builds going on in the shop, we need focus on your build! I can talk for hours about everything AK, but we will focus on your specific variant, its history and the build process! Our goal is to finish and test fire your rifle in the time allotted!

Always let us know if there is any aspect of the build you are not comfortable with and we will be happy to assist! Some want to do it all and some don’t want to take the chance to damage parts! Its your build, we will do it your way!